Spring Heat and Shipping Issues

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Just a friendly reminder - Spring is here, and so is THE HEAT!

Remember, if you live in a hot state, live at the end of your postman's route, or have packages dropped into your mailbox, we can't control that.

We do offer the "Guaranteed Regional Rate Box" shipping option, which will guarantee we ship your items in a box. This is the single best defense against "mushing" - the USPS is very good about handling our packages, but we can't guarantee everything.

Please remember that we offer this option SEPARATE from our Standard Flat Rate Shipping - you are not required to do this. We offer the "Guaranteed Regional Rate Box" so you can have peace of mind if there is an issue with your items arriving mushed.

As well, if there is an issue with your packages getting "mushed" or melted, we will offer a good-faith refund ONCE. After that, if the option to use a "Guaranteed Regional Rate Box" is not used, it is at the customer's own risk. Please work with us to ensure your package arrives in the best condition!