For those using TransGlobal shipping services to the UK, please note that due to TransGlobal being a third-party carrier that we are not affiliated with, we CANNOT offer refunds. We also cannot help with any dispute that may arise through the use of a third-party carrier. Please use TransGlobal at your own risk!


Please read about the newest update to our shipping policy!

1) Candle shipping has been reworked. In order to make sure we get your candles to you unbroken, we have had to take extra precautions by using larger boxes and lots of extra packing material. As such, note the following changes.
1a) - Orders of 1 candle have remained unchanged. You will still pay the normal shipping rate and your candle will be packed to the same standard.
1b) Orders of 2 or more candles will have to go into a larger box due to the way USPS recommends shipping glass. Your shipping rate is calculated based on your ZIP code and will be packed securely. The same rate applies no matter how many candles you order - 2, 3, 4 or more. If you order a lot of candles, we will upgrade to the biggest box at our cost.

Please understand that these changes are ONLY to better service you! We never want to disappoint a customer with a broken candle, but to maintain the same standard of excellence we put into making our products, we must charge the appropriate shipping rate.


Shipping is variable based on zipcode, as they are shipped using USPS Regional Rate Boxes. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail and include free tracking.


Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for orders to be processed. We are a small business and make every effort to complete orders as fast as possible, but due to supply orders or high order volume, your order may be delayed. If we expect that your order will be delayed longer than a week, we will notify you.


Policy for lost, damaged, or stolen USPS packages
1) Call your local postmaster FIRST! Many times, packages are scanned as "Delivered" erroneously. This can happen with the package being delivered to the wrong address or scanned before being delivered.
2) Get to know your neighbors! Ask around if they might have received a package in your name.
3) Get to know your postman! Many people don't see their postman/woman as anything more than a mobile package service, but remember, they're people too. Postal workers make mistakes like everyone else.
4) If you cannot get the issue resolved with your local postmaster, contact us first.
5) If your item is damaged on delivery or appears to have been opened/tampered with, immediately document with photos. Do not send the package back to us as this will void the insurance claim and make you ineligible for a refund. Only send packages back if instructed by us (we generally won't ask this).
6) Issues such as entering the wrong address for delivery, or entering an undeliverable address, are completely out of our hands. We will ship to the address that you provide for us, so please double-check! We may or may not receive reimbursement for mis-shipped packages, so it is up to USPS.
7) Issues involving damaged items should be documented fully as soon as you open the package and notice a problem. Pictures and descriptions should be sent only to us.
8) We cannot offer refunds unless USPS fully completes their claims investigation AND we receive proper documentation of the issue.